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Media Sustainability Index (MSI)

IREX's Media Sustainability Index (MSI) provides in-depth analyses of the conditions for independent media in 80 countries across the world.

Since the Europe and Eurasia MSI was first conceived in 2000, in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the MSI has evolved into an important benchmark study to assess how media systems change over time and across borders. IREX added a study for the Middle East and North Africa in 2005, and in 2007 launched the Africa MSI.

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Journalist and police     IREX Analysis Shows Media in Eurasia Threatened by Bias, Self-Censorship

Biased content, self-censorship, political pressure, Kremlin influence, and diminishing revenue threaten independent media in 21 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, according to a detailed new analysis conducted by IREX. Read more . . .


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Full Version Europe & Eurasia MSI 2016
Full Version Africa MSI 2012
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IREX Asks for Civil Society Perspective on the Media

​For 2016, IREX has piloted its study of the media sector from the perspective of civil society​.

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IREX's MSI on Medium

How Does IREX Define and Measure Media Sustainability?

By "sustainability" IREX refers to the ability of media to play its vital role as the "fourth estate." How sustainable is a media sector in the context of providing the public with useful, timely, and objective information? How well does it serve as a facilitator of public discussion? To measure this, the MSI assesses five "objectives" that shape a media system: freedom of speech, professional journalism, plurality of news, business management, and supporting institutions. Read the complete MSI Methodology for more information on how this is accomplished.