About Us

About Us

Our mission is to build a more just, prosperous, and inclusive world by empowering youth, cultivating leaders, strengthening institutions, and extending access to quality education and information.

Our strategy

IREX embraces a people-focused approach to development that invests in human potential and the conditions that help people to thrive. We work with partners around the world to promote more just, prosperous and inclusive societies in four areas essential to progress:

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What IREX delivers

IREX delivers value to its beneficiaries, partners, and donors through its holistic, people-centered approach to development and unique combination of traits.  The sum of these parts is what distinguishes IREX.

Expertise: IREX brings expertise and experience in fields such as education, civil society, gender, media, governance, access to information, and youth employment.

Holistic approach: IREX works with partners to design and implement comprehensive approaches integrating a focus on people, institutions, and communities and an understanding of how they interact to advance prosperity and social justice.

Global relationships and presence:  IREX maintains more than 20 offices globally and operates in more than 100 countries.  We have a deep network of alumni and partners numbering in the tens of thousands.

Management acumen: IREX delivers quality, well-executed programs with professionalism and integrity.

Compassionate and caring approach:  IREX treats its beneficiaries and partners with dignity, respect, and empathy, in a genuine spirit of collaboration.

Our guiding principles

People are paramount: IREX's approach to development prioritizes people. We treat our partners with respect, dignity, and empathy. 

Just and prosperous societies are inclusive: Inclusive societies are more just and prosperous but social, political and economic inclusion does not happen automatically. IREX strives to bridge social divides and works for broad participation in its programming.

Change is possible: Injustice and poverty are prevalent but can be overcome through human initiative, community action, and good governance. IREX promotes change by working in authentic partnership to develop both individuals and institutions.

Sustainable change comes from within: IREX's role is to support individuals and communities working to build more just, prosperous and inclusive societies. Our partners must be the ones to drive change in their own societies.

Results are more important than credit: We take pride in being a good partner, sharing credit liberally, and prioritizing the practical details that determine long-term sustainability.

Humility is essential: Achieving a just and prosperous world in which all people can achieve their potential is a complex undertaking. IREX will approach this mission with humility and a sincere spirit of collaboration.  IREX and its partners have expertise but acknowledge their limitations. We will learn and remain open to new ideas.

Our story

A nonprofit organization committed to international education and development, IREX has embraced a people-centered approach since 1968.

Our organization was created to bridge geopolitical divides by fostering the exchange of scholars, teachers, students, and ideas. IREX then built on our expertise and network of relationships in Eurasia to support people driving educational reform, leading newly empowered movements in civil society, and building effective and accountable governance. IREX became a leader in improving access to information technology, strengthening independent media, and empowering youth through education and leadership development. As global needs shifted, IREX brought this expertise to new regions: first Asia, then the Middle East and Africa, then Latin America. 

Throughout these decades of change, our focus on people and communities has been steady. We have nurtured a distinctive approach combining caring and efficacy. Learn more about IREX's founding and organizational evolution.

Financial information

IREX has an annual portfolio of more than $80 million. We work in 100+ countries with a team of 400 global staff. View more financial information »


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IREX Europe

IREX Europe is an independent international nonprofit development organization providing innovative programs to improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, foster pluralistic civil society development, and reduce conflict. The IREX Europe approach emphasizes partnerships with local development organizations to expand capacity, build sustainable institutions, and affect change through training, partnerships, education, research, and grant programs.

IREX Europe, registered as an association in France, derives its founding principles from IREX. IREX Europe and IREX work in close cooperation, sharing resources and skills for the benefit of people striving to live in fairer, freer, and more prosperous societies.