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S.A.F.E. - Securing Access to Free Expression

The S.A.F.E. Initiative introduces integrated safety trainings that combine and address safety through the lens of digital identity, physical awareness and psychosocial care to at-risk media practitioners in three regional resource centers in El Salvador, Georgia, and Kenya.

The project will identify journalists and media outlets in need of training, help to assist media practitioners who come under threat, build peer and professional support networks for journalists, create channels to government where possible, and contribute to linking the program with regional and international media freedom groups, human rights defenders and multilateral organizations.

S.A.F.E. is funded by several donors and implemented by IREX.


Enable media practitioners to work as safely as possible by establishing resource centers providing a holistic approach to journalists' safety.


Available safety training to journalists has traditionally focused on hostile environments and combat scenarios. Over the past few years, digital safety literacy training for journalists has increased, although often considered separately from personal safety. IREX’s approach integrates digital techniques and physical safety with psychosocial care to train journalists in Semi-Democratic, Conflict and Repressive settings.

Project Activities

Deliver integrated digital and physical safety trainings to journalists in Latin America, Africa and Eurasia.

Operate a program-wide “hotline” system that offers 24/7 access to emergency assistance for journalists.

Establish Regional Security Advisory Networks to publicize the Journalist Security Resource Centers and promote media community solidarity by uniting journalists around threats to their safety.

IREX is a member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network.Global Investigative Journalism Network