Supporting Information Integrity and Resilience: Tools and Resources

Supporting Information Integrity and Resilience: Tools and Resources

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As manipulative information and propaganda escalate during the times of conflict and war, access to trusted and unbiased information becomes even more vital. During such critical times, citizens must be equipped with the skills to identify manipulative information and false media content. While,  journalists are tasked with debunking fake news and providing reliable information to the public.  The list below summarizes resources and tools meant to help citizens and journalists to recognize manipulative information and make better decisions.


IREX's Tools and Resources


IREX is committed to helping individuals, communities, and organizations protect information integrity and build resilience to manipulative information. 

Supporting Information Integrity and Resilience | IREX


Learn to Discern (L2D)

IREX’s Learn to Discern approach helps people of all ages develop healthy habits for engaging with information, online and offline.


Online Courses (Free)

IREX's online courses explain the influence of manipulative information and equip people with valuable research tools to trace sources.


Securing Access to Free Expression (SAFE)-L2D


Promoting Quality Information About COVID-19

Media literacy is a key tool to build resilience to health-related misinformation, including misinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Non-IREX Tools and Resources