Families in the Digital Age (FADA)

Families in the Digital Age (FADA)


Through FADA (Arabic for space), IREX is supporting Jordanian women and youth leaders to promote inclusive dialogue about the role of the internet in their communities.

Community leaders, especially mothers, from across Jordan receive training in internet safety, media literacy, and leadership. Graduates then return to their home regions to train others and lead community dialogues on sensitive topics such as online bullying, propaganda, and harassment on social media.

Quick Facts

  • 55 digital literacy and 62 Learn to Discern workshops have reached 1,884 community leaders and new trainers. IREX’s Learn to Discern media literacy approach builds practical skills for citizens of all ages through interactive training.
  • The program trained 149 school teachers on how to use the Learn to Discern media literacy curriculum in their classroom.
  • 100% of new trainers reported that their digital skills increased.
  • 100% of new trainers reported higher confidence in using the internet.


  • Equip female leaders with the necessary digital knowledge and skills to be active change agents in their communities, both online and offline.
  • Encourage community dialogue on local challenges and opportunities posed by the internet.
I was bullied online…. If I had known back then the information I know now, I would have reported the abuse and protected my online information and accounts. a digital literacy training participant from Tafileh

Project Activities

  • Digital and media literacy training: Female community leaders gain technical skills ranging from basic ICT awareness to fact-checking online news sources. The program curriculum draws from previous IREX projects on digital skills (such as Tech Age Girls) and media literacy (such as Learn to Discern).
  • Community dialogue: Graduates of the program pass on their knowledge to their home communities and foster dialogue about the role of the internet, both positive and negative, in their lives. These conversations engage citizens in identifying problems and in developing local solutions.
  • Positive youth development: The program provides mentorship and training to young Jordanians who are working to use the internet and digital technology as a force for good in their communities. Youth participants learn professional digital skills and gain experience with organizing a community volunteer project.


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Lana Momani, program manager, lalmomani@irex.org