The Mums Project

The Mums Project


The Mums Project equips Syrian and Jordanian mothers with skills for resilience and empowers them as leaders in promoting social cohesion in their families and communities.

The project leverages IREX’s Learn to Discern (L2D) methodology for teaching critical information engagement skills. This strengthens participants’ ability to respond to economic and social challenges. It supports mothers—the most powerful influences on young men and women—to build stronger communities through critical information engagement and civic initiatives.

Quick Facts

  • The Mums Academy will support Syrian and Jordanian mothers to help them grow as individuals, support them in their family roles, equip them as educators, and prepare them for leadership roles in their communities.
  • The Mums Academy offers blended learning to strengthen participants’ skills for critical thinking, digital literacy, online safety, psychosocial self-care, gender norms, positive youth development, media literacy, and mobile-phone media production.
  • To equip mothers as leaders, the Mums Project will support community initiatives designed and led by women.


  • Strengthen Syrian and Jordanian mothers’ life skills and resilience skills in response to 21st century  challenges.
  • Change attitudes about manipulative information and gender norms.
  • Increase women’s role in advancing their communities.
  • Enhance social cohesion.

Project Activities

  • Mums Academy: Participants take a series of seven courses that offer a blended learning experience through online learning and live group activities and discussions facilitated by local trainers.
  • Mother-to-mother support groups: Local experts facilitate safe spaces for mothers to discuss challenges and support each other.
  • Visioning workshops: Participants identify key stressors in their communities and design local solutions.
  • Mums’ community initiatives: The project supports women-led action for positive change through community initiatives and other activities.


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