Ma3an (“Together” in Arabic), is a USAID-funded program implemented in Tunisia by FHI 360 in partnership with IREX and local partner organizations in 33 target communities across Tunisia.

The program seeks to increase youth participation in civic and political life, address youth grievances through Positive Youth Development (PYD) and prevent radicalizations in Tunisian communities vulnerable to violent extremism. 


Quick Facts

  • 113 Youth Mentors across 33 communities
  • +300 trainings, +2,000 Mentoring sessions
  • 52% female participation rate
  • 35% of attendees reported being high school dropouts
  • 44% of attendees reported having vulnerable employment status
Group of participants engaging in a session


  • As a partner to FHI360, IREX is leveraging its youth leadership expertise to engage a Youth Mentor (YM) network.

  • IREX’s expertise serves Ma3an by developing youth leadership skills, supporting youth resilience to misinformation and critical consumption information, as well as building youth professional skills and peer network, using a Positive Youth Development approach (PYD).
  • By empowering youth and providing them with capacity building trainings, they become more active in civil society and take on leadership positions within their communities and beyond.
In the past, we have tried to bring in therapists, educators, and even psychologists to support our youth, but we have never seen an approach that worked so well. These Storytelling sessions were extremely positive to our youth, I have never seen them as energized or as active as today.” Sidi Abdelhamid community, Youth Center Director

Ma3an Youth Mentor Activities

Youth Mentors are community youth volunteers serving as peer trainers and mentors for marginalized youth in Ma3an communities to develop skills and support networks. Youth Mentors participate in intensive leadership, teamwork, and technical skills training. Ma3an provides on-going support to Youth Mentors as they conduct peer-led skills training and engage youth in local civic actions, using a Positive Youth Development (PYD) approach to address drivers of violent extremism in their communities. Youth Mentors collaborate with youth-serving organizations and public institutions to extend their reach and integrate their activities with the initiatives of local stakeholders.

  • Learn to Discern (L2D) media literacy trainings develop information engagement skills of youth and empower them in the prevention of violent extremism by identifying misinformation and skills to seek alternatives to rhetoric.
  • Storytelling trainings allow youth to practice public speaking skills as well as bring marginalized voices to the forefront, enhancing social bonds to counter drivers of extremism.
  • Professional Insight trainings expose youth to employability needs in their communities, preparing youth to enter the job market and fostering avenues for community-based economic participation.
  • Mentoring sessions expand YM activities to engage in peer-to-peer learning with youth.
One participant speaking into a microphone with 4 others around her smiling.


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