Sabra Zubair

Sabra Zubair

Program Officer
Asia, Sri Lanka, Leadership, Media

Sabra Zubair is the program coordinator for the Media Empowerment for a Democratic Sri Lanka (MEND) program.

Sabra manages two key projects under the MEND program, MediaExchange and Spotlight, where she oversees the implementation and monitoring of these activities to ensure that they run smoothly, and targets are achieved. She successfully closed out the Media Development Partnership (MDP) project, one of MEND’s most successful activities, which supported the digital transformation of the Sri Lankan media sector.

Sabra has been active in the field of project management and administration for nearly seven years. Prior to joining IREX, she worked as an administration and HR executive for the RH group of companies where she was responsible for administration, HR, and logistics.

Sabra speaks English and Tamil fluently and has a working knowledge of Sinhala. She graduated from the Cambridge Academy of Professional Managers with a diploma in business administration.