Emna Sahraoui

Emna Sahraoui

Program Coordinator
Africa, Americas, Europe & Eurasia, Middle East & North Africa, Tunisia, Gambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Spain, France, Poland, United States, Education, Technology, Youth, Leadership, Civil Society

Emna is a program coordinator for the Community Engagement Exchange and Community Solutions Programs in the Leadership Practice at IREX. She serves as an IREX advisor, supporting fellows throughout their U.S. practicum, acts as a liaison for specialists, and contributes to program finance.

Before joining IREX, Emna worked as a Digital Security Specialist in Access Now's digital helpline, providing support to journalists, human rights defenders and grassroots activists. This experience provided valuable insights into diverse global issues, with a particular focus on the MENA region.

Emna has actively participated in development projects financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB), emphasizing water, sanitation, and hygiene governance in various African regions, including Tunisia, the Gambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Cameroon.

Emna has volunteered to support youth and international education, previously coordinating the international student exchange program IAESTE. 

Emna holds a master's degree in hydraulic and environmental engineering, complemented by international experiences as an intern in research labs across Poland, Spain, and France. Her contributions to innovative research projects have shaped her perspective and problem-solving abilities. Emna is fluent in Arabic and French, proficient in English, and has a basic understanding of Spanish.