Ben Brewer

Ben Brewer

Program Associate
Americas, Europe & Eurasia, Civil Society, Education

Ben Brewer is a program associate working on the Ambulantes project based in Mexico and the Vibrant Information Barometer project, which operates throughout Eastern Europe.

Within IREX, he works across three practices: the Communities and Governance Practice, the Information and Media Practice, and the Leadership Practice. His work includes migration, labor rights, violent extremism, and misinformation.

Prior to joining IREX, Ben was both a volunteer and coordinator of refugee-support projects in northern Greece. In these roles, he gained knowledge of a host of issues facing refugees and asylum seekers concerning asylum law and education in a complex migratory context. Ben was instrumental in leading a team of volunteers consisting of European citizens and refugees and asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq.

Ben holds a master’s degree in international development from the University of Edinburgh and a BA from the University of Virginia.