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Ambulantes is an 18-month program that provides information about migration to internal migrant agricultural workers and their families in Mexico.

As the program enters into its second phase, the program will continue  to support local organizations to build stronger networks and capacity to support workers.  This will better position agricultural workers to have safer migration journeys and be less vulnerable to labor exploitation. Ambulantes will capture shifts in labor migration trends and available services, yielding actionable insights that can inform future interventions.

Quick Facts

  • Ambulantes aims to reach 800,500 internal migrants and their family members through information campaigns, material distribution, information sessions, and other workshops.
  • The program aims to position up t o 30 participating communities to have stronger systems to support vulnerable workers, and to support local organizations in these communities to build stronger networks and capacity to support workers.


  • Improve the capacity of ocal civil society organizations and government to provide services and to support and protect migrant workers. 

  • Provide internal migrants and their communities the information and skills to reduce the economic and social vulnerabilities that affect their decision-making process while migrating. 

  • Collaborate  with Ambulantes partners to destigmatize migration and create a more equitable environment for migrants in their communities of origin and destination.

  • Develop community and sectoral level knowledge that will help to protect migrant agricultural workers and promote fair labor. 

Project Activities

  • Public Information Campaign: Using social media platforms, radio, and print materials, Ambulantes intends to spread information to migrant workers and families on workers’ rights, tips for safe migration, and services related to labor rights and healthcare.  
  • Local Capacity Building: In collaboration with local partners, Ambulantes will conduct in-person trainings that raise awareness of the risks of labor migration and help participants avoid common employment abuses. Ambulantes will also support the organizational performance of partners, assisting them in preventing exploitative labor practices before they occur.
  • Knowledge Sharing & Advocacy: Ambulantes will aggregate community-level data to create an interactive dashboard revealing regional trends in agricultural labor migration. Ambulantes also intends to convene governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to present project findings and brainstorm solutions around existing labor migration issues.


Project funding is provided by the Walmart Foundation.

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