Data Skills for Leaders

Data Skills for Leaders

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Building practical skills for data-informed decision making

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Imagine you’re a manager reviewing a summary of a recent survey conducted by one of your teams.

  • What if the data suggests that you take a politically inconvenient action?
  • How do you balance what the data says with other priorities, like your values?
  • What questions should you ask of the survey team to ensure the data is inclusive?
  • How do you detect bias in the way data and charts are presented to you?

A new training program to help leaders translate data into informed and ethical decisions

Two participants at a table. One person is talking about a card that says "Transparency."To effectively serve their communities, tomorrow’s public and civic leaders must be equipped to make sense of a dizzying and growing onslaught of data and statistics. This will require more than just collecting, cleaning, or visualizing data. Instead, decision makers must be confident:

  • Communicating data-informed decisions effectively and empathetically.
  • Balancing insights with other priorities, political economies, and pressures.
  • Drawing meaningful conclusions from data by interpreting it accurately.
  • Evaluating the quality of data to ensure it reflects gender equity and social inclusion considerations.

We facilitate in-person workshops and virtual activities (with tools like WhatsApp) in order to leave a legacy of learning and reflection that outlasts any single activity.

How well do you interpret charts and tables?

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