Youth Development Resources

Youth Development Resources

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The Positive Youth Development Tool for Career Planning and Professional Development 

The Positive Youth Development Tool for Career Planning and Professional Development, co-designed by IREX and EFE, helps individuals and organizations follow a positive youth development approach and understand ways to put youth in the forefront of the design and implementation of career and professional development programming.

Youth Excel's Research-to-Change Toolkit: A resource for youth practitioners

This youth-inclusive toolkit offers a step-by-step process to planning and carrying out research and using the findings for concrete action.

Essential Skills: Power Learning Tool

The Power Learning Tool equips employees to become “power learners”—people who capitalize on learning opportunities, apply their learning in the workplace, and drive their own professional development.

Essential Skills: Soft Skills for a Changing World

IREX’s Essential Skills methodology is a comprehensive approach to training young people for the opportunities and challenges of today and the future by strengthening crucial soft skills. These skills are so important that we call them essential skills.

Learning to Earning Guide 

This guide is a resource to design youth employment programs that are responsive to young people's needs, struggles, and lived experiences while transitioning from post-secondary education into work 

Higher Education Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (HEICAT)

The HEICAT enables education leaders to recognize and prioritize performance improvement needs, foster organizational learning, and support strategic decision making.

Technology Enabled Learning

The Technology Enabled Learning insights explores on the ground perspectives in Kenya on ways to work with hard-to-reach communities and local innovators to co-design resilient technology enabled learning systems.

Creating Supportive Learning Environments for Girls and Boys Guide for Educators

This guide helps teachers, administrators, and communities make classrooms and schools more gender inclusive. 

Career Services Evaluation Key Findings and Recommendations

The Career Services Evaluation Key Findings and Recommendations report presents the positive impacts of IREX-supported career development centers on employment outcomes for Iraqi university students. 

Learn to Discern Evidence Brief

The Learn to Discern Evidence Brief  provides an overview of IREX’s Learn to Discern approach to prevent the spread of the manipulative information, disinformation, hate speech, and propaganda.