Essential Skills: Power Learning Tool

Essential Skills: Power Learning Tool

This tool equips employees to become “power learners”—people who capitalize on learning opportunities, apply their learning in the workplace, and drive their own professional development.

A tool to prepare employees for the future of work

We developed this tool because the nature of work is rapidly changing. Employers widely report that entry-level employees need to strengthen their skills and learn new skills to succeed. Meanwhile, many organizations say that professional development initiatives often fail to meet their needs—that only a fraction of employees who receive training actually apply what they’ve learned and improve their work, for example.

In order to help employees develop complex skills, we can’t treat “learning” as a one-time event. Instead, authentic learning requires a process of continual practice and reflection, which this tool aims to facilitate.

An infographic of a process: (1) understand, (2) apply, (3) analyze, and (4) reflect and adapt.

About the Employee Essential Skills Suite

This resource is part of our Employee Essential Skills Suite, a customizable solution that unlocks employees’ potential by strengthening crucial soft skills that are too often neglected.

The suite is designed especially for companies, but youth development practitioners can also use the tool to help participants shift their mindset and master new skills.

If you have questions or you’d like to learn more about the tool or the suite, please contact us through this form or send an e-mail to us at