Creating Partnerships for Impact

Creating Partnerships for Impact


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In today's rapidly evolving world, the global development sector faces a multitude of complex challenges. In response to these pressing issues, partnerships have emerged as powerful drivers of change. IREX is pleased to share two versions of findings from extensive research, interviews with key stakeholders, and the experiences of those deeply involved in the global development sector. The long-format “Creating Partnerships For Impact Building a Process for Trust-based, Equitable Collaboration” and the abridged version “Creating Partnerships For Impact Key Observations and Recommendations” shed light on the dynamics, observations, and recommendations for forging effective partnerships in the context of global development.  

Key observations: 

1. The Power of Partnerships: Partnerships are the linchpin of addressing today's intricate global development problems. They bring together a diverse range of stakeholders from various sectors, enabling the convergence of innovative ideas, resources, and expertise. 

2. The Challenge of Inequitable Power: One of the chief obstacles facing partnerships is the uneven distribution of power. When power imbalances go unaddressed, it hampers trust, equity, and the overall effectiveness of partnerships, stifling their potential for impact. 

3. Mindsets Matter: The success of partnerships hinges on the mindsets of those involved. An outcome-focused mindset, with its emphasis on tangible results, may inadvertently create transactional relationships. In contrast, an experience-focused mindset, which prioritizes mutual learning and growth, fosters trust, equity, and sustained impact.