Support Her Empowerment – Girls’ Resilience, Enterprise, and Technology Initiative (SHE’s GREAT!)

Support Her Empowerment – Girls’ Resilience, Enterprise, and Technology Initiative (SHE’s GREAT!)


SHE’s GREAT! is a holistic community-based gender responsive program for youth which aims to identify and transform gender stereotypes and build inclusive communities where students are equipped with the networks, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Design, and Math (STEAM) training, confidence, and leadership skills to fully participate in their communities and careers.

Through the SHE’s GREAT! program, a greater network of stakeholders and partners at the community and national levels are harnessed to better promote girls’ increased economic, technology, leadership, and innovation skills and opportunities.

Quick Facts

  • SHE'S GREAT! utilizes a design thinking framework where youth learn about the concepts and effects of gender for themselves, their families, and their communities through activities such as poetry, interviews, social networking, and community mapping. Then, students create and implement action projects of their own design to cover variety of social issues within their communities and to make a positive impact.
  • SHE’s GREAT! equips participants with innovative STEAM skills and provides them with the knowledge on how to apply their new skills in innovative ways that reshape gender norms and stereotypes within their communities.
  • Participants’ pre- and post-self-reflection questionnaires showed, after participating in the STEAM Camp activities in Benin, Kyrgyz Republic, Jordan and Georgia engaging with professional women in STEAM role models, that young peoples’ future career goals had already changed from traditional to aspiring, many mentioning they would like to go into technical, medical, and science-based fields.
  • SHE’s GREAT! alumni are a network of like-minded youth from Benin, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Jordan, Guatemala, St. Lucia,  and Ukraine, ages 14-18, who want to counter and prevent stereotypes, inequities, and gender-based violence within their communities and globally.


  • Youth are more resilient to restrictive gender norms affecting their life choices and opportunities.
  • An enabling environment is cultivated in schools or community-based organizations and communities to foster equal collaboration amongst all youth.
  • A network of participants, stakeholders, and partners at the community and national levels better promote girls’ increased skills and opportunities.
I believe that thanks to such projects as SHE’s GREAT!, gender violence will end in the world. Aliya Gainazarova, SHE’s GREAT! Participant, the Kyrgyz Republic

Project Activities

  • Gender and My Community Club: Flexible 8-week curriculum for student teams to build background knowledge on gender issues in their community and use design challenge thinking to identify gender issues and create solutions to prevent gender-based violence and increase gender equity in their communities. The curriculum is rooted in positive youth development and supports students as agents of change in their personal lives and communities.
  • SHE’s GREAT! Learning Festival: A celebration of student learning, where students share with their schools, community members, and parents what they have learned about gender equity and their action plans to make a difference.
  • SHE’s GREAT! STEAM Camp: A one-week camp for students from around the country to come together and learn about innovative career and education opportunities that defy gender stereotypes. Students will also develop a practical STEAM skill during the camp.
  • Community Action Plan: Students will develop and implement community-based action projects focused on GBV prevention and response, adolescents’ STEAM engagement, and women’s and girls’ empowerment.
  • SHE’s GREAT! Action Festival: After the implementation of the Community Action Plans, student teams, in collaboration with community partners, will share their project accomplishments and lessons learned in an Action Festival with the school community.


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