Creating Content Connections in Moldova

Creating Content Connections in Moldova


Creating Content Connections in Moldova is a two-year project funded by the U.S. Embassy in Moldova and implemented by IREX. The project aims to increase the variety of television entertainment programs available to Moldovan citizens.

The project supports the development of a sustainable, growth-oriented environment in Moldova’s creative television industry. It does this by creating connections between TV broadcasters, production houses, video content creators, filmmakers, vloggers, and dubbing companies.

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Quick Facts

  • The project has established partnerships with 11 national and regional television stations, 9 production houses, 3 social media platforms and vloggers, and 2 local dubbing companies.
  • The project diversified local TV broadcast offerings with 7 new programs, including scripted TV series, international and local travel shows, a reality show, an interview program, a cooking show, and a talent show.
  • Five more programs are in production and are expected to air in the fall of 2020. Three shows that already aired are preparing to launch their second season.
  • The project established partnerships with international and European content providers that resulted in over 500 hours of European and American entertainment shows available for broadcast by local television channels.
  • One show reached beyond the Moldovan TV market. It airs in Moldova and Romania.

A trailer for the travel show Check-In Show 

Check-In Show is the first and only international travel show in the Romanian language. There are no similar projects in Romania. Ion Orlov, host of Check-In Show


  • Stimulate the production of original television programs in Moldova in response to local audiences' preferences and needs for entertainment programming
  • Diversify broadcast television programming and increase national and regional TV stations’ ratings and reach indicators by exposing local television outlets to international partnerships and a broader offering of foreign-licensed entertainment content
  • Stimulate the local dubbing industry by creating connections between TV broadcasters and local dubbing companies that have expertise, available human and technical resources, and potential for pioneering TV dubbing into Romanian

Project Activities

  • Introduce new business models to support content production: The project introduced the model of partnering with content creators and broadcasters to produce content by Moldovans for Moldovans. From the local travel show Tur-Retur to the scripted comedy Italia, Patria Nostra, the project highlighted the realities of Moldova’s day-to-day life, local talent and heroes, and the country’s tourism potential.
  • Make data central to creative work: The project explored what entertainment programs Moldovans currently watch, why they watch the shows they do, how they interact with shows through social media or other platforms, and which foreign programs are popular in the country.
  • Enhance content creators’ skills: The project worked with professionals from national and regional TV stations, production houses, and web platforms to strengthen their skills in production, script writing, marketing, and pitching. This led to new collaborations, new production models, and a wide variety of innovative shows.



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