Creating Content Connections in Moldova

Creating Content Connections in Moldova


Creating Content Connections in Moldova aims to increase the variety of television entertainment programming available to Moldovan citizens.

As a result of the program, Moldovans will have access to quality entertainment that is diverse, both by licensing American content and by supporting local production.


  • Stimulate the production of original television content featuring Moldovan talent.
  • Facilitate the broadcast of licensed U.S. and international television programming in Moldova.
  • Support the development of the creative television content industry in Moldova.

Project Activities

  • Research local audience preferences for TV programming and licensed content: Researchers will explore what entertainment programs Moldovans currently watch, why they watch the shows they do, how they interact with shows through social media or other platforms, and which foreign programs are popular in the country.
  • Support content creators: The project will work with Moldovan citizens and local talent to support content that is created by Moldovans for Moldovans.
  • Diversify citizens’ options: The project will support the production of individual episodes of Moldovan TV programming, provide U.S. programs to local TV stations and digital platforms, obtain licenses to produce Moldovan versions of U.S. shows, and cofund dubbing U.S. and international programs into Romanian.


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Violeta Bunescu,
Mark Skogen,
Jessica Sadler,