Michelle Adames-Sucameli

Michelle Adames-Sucameli

Project Director, Information and Media Practice
Americas, Middle East & North Africa, Asia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Civil Society, Governance, Gender Equality & Inclusion, Media

Michelle Adames-Sucameli is a project director for IREX's Information and Media Practice.

In this role, Michelle works alongside civil society and media partners to bolster independent media capacity, strengthen information ecosystems, and support resilience to disinformation in closed and closing spaces.

Prior to joining IREX, Michelle accumulated years of experience providing technical and project management expertise for civil society and media projects around the world. With her experience supporting journalists, civil society leaders, and media institutions in closed and closing spaces, Michelle’s projects have worked with women, youth, displaced persons, refugees, returnees, LGBTQIA+ populations, as well as conflict and post-conflict affected populations.  Additionally, Michelle's work has addressed gender and human rights, political participation, social inclusion, countering disinformation, and freedom of expression, through a civil society and media lens.

Michelle holds a bachelor's in anthropology and a master's in global policy studies with a focus in cybersecurity, counterterrorism, and conflict resolution from Rutgers University.