Giulia Cardani

Giulia Cardani

Program Officer
Africa, Americas, Education

Giulia is a program officer for the World Smarts Changemakers at IREX in Guatemala.

In her role, she supports the development, management, and implementation of the World Smarts Changemakers program in Guatemala. A key responsibility of her role is overseeing the local partner relationship. The program connects middle and high school students and educators in the U.S. and Guatemala to engage in cross-cultural and bilingual conversations and design solutions for real-world problems affecting their surroundings throughout a project-based learning experience.

Prior to joining IREX, Giulia worked as senior partnerships associate for WFP Guatemala, where she promoted life-long learning programs and community education to identify and solve local problems, particularly those connected to malnutrition and the school feeding system.

Giulia has diverse expertise in project development and implementation, as well as in the academic field in Europe, Africa, Indonesia, and Guatemala in the education, youth, and teacher training sectors. She has worked with both local and international organizations, gaining vast experience in development and education. Giulia is particularly interested in the interaction of formal education in Guatemala with intercultural bilingual education, teacher training, and decolonization.

She obtained an MSc in Anthropology and Development Studies from Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and an MA in Education and International Development from University College London, UK.