Adrienne Jacobs

Adrienne Jacobs

Program Coordinator
Africa, Europe & Eurasia, Liberia, Tanzania, Civil Society, Gender Equality & Inclusion, Governance, Leadership, Education

Adrienne Jacobs is a program coordinator for the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.

In this role, she supports Fellowship communications, including social media management and Congressional engagement. Adrienne is committed to continuing to increase the Fellowship’s reach on social media by featuring Fellows’ work on important international topics, and writing larger stories highlighting the overarching ways Fellows contribute to achieving U.S. Government priorities in their countries.

Adrienne also works on the Fellowship’s Professional Development Experiences and Reciprocal Exchanges, including selection, outreach, and placement for both components. Through this work, Adrienne enjoys frequent interaction with Mandela Washington Fellows across all cohorts. As the Fellowship continues to grow, Adrienne looks forward to featuring how broad its impact on U.S. communities is, particularly through her work on the Reciprocal Exchanges.

Prior to IREX, Adrienne worked for the United States Senate Committee on the Budget for nearly two years. She has since been able to translate this experience into supporting the advocacy efforts of the Fellowship’s Institutes and other partners. She is also happy to share her insights with projects and staff across IREX on best practices in informing government representatives about the important work IREX does.

Adrienne’s previous experience further includes internships with the International Rescue Committee (2010) and the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (2014). For nearly two years, she also volunteered with the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy in Washington, D.C., leading their events team.

Adrienne graduated from Schiller International University in Heidelberg, Germany with a BA in International Relations and Diplomacy in 2013. She finished her MA in Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg in Germany in 2014, and wrote her master’s thesis on post-conflict reconstruction as it relates to poverty reduction in Liberia. She is fluent in German and would love to learn French.