URRF equips a rehabilitation room for Ukrainian civilians, including veterans

URRF equips a rehabilitation room for Ukrainian civilians, including veterans

Vira Martyniuk, Diana Diasamidze
Photo of civilians in a rehabilitation center, some patients are in beds, others in wheel chairs.
Patients at UNBROKEN Rehabilitation Center actively use the equipment procured with support from URRF. Lviv, February 2024.  

Ukraine’s UNBROKEN Rehabilitation Center—which receives support from IREX’s Ukraine Rapid Response Fund (URRF) program—acquired 41 pieces of new, modern equipment for a rehabilitation room. The equipment includes rehabilitation stairs, occupational therapy equipment, devices for passive extension of limbs and joints, treadmills, ceiling lifts, rehabilitation tables, etc. and is worth more than $160,000.

As one of Ukraine’s main medical hubs serving adults and children who have been impacted by the war, UNBROKEN Rehabilitation Center provides a full spectrum of treatment and rehabilitation services free of charge, including surgery, orthopedics, prosthetics, physical rehabilitation, and psychological rehabilitation. Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, UNBROKEN has supported more than 18,000 wounded patients, including 1,800 children, with injuries from mine explosions, burns, and gunshot wounds.

Rehabilitation services: Vital support for recovery amidst war

The newly procured equipment is vital to the services that UNBROKEN offers, as many Ukrainians find themselves with severe injuries, including lost limbs and debilitating physical impairments sustained on the battlefield, in the aftermath of missile strikes, or due to the detonation of mines. Overall, the new equipment enables doctors to treat and restore the mobility of a larger number of patients than previously possible.

Rehabilitation services play a vital role in assisting wounded civilians, including veterans, in adapting to their new circumstances, regaining independence, and reintegrating into society. Beyond physical rehabilitation, UNBROKEN’s services also address the psychological trauma associated with life-altering injuries, offering hope, dignity, and a path toward recovery and resilience amidst the devastation of war.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, IREX’s URRF program remains committed to supporting UNBROKEN in the acquisition of needed equipment and in providing an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to recovery by offering training to Ukrainian physical therapists, prosthetists, and psychologists to support those in need of treatment.  

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