Regional Assistance Program

Regional Assistance Program


The Regional Assistance Program II (RAP II) strengthens civil society organizations and supports civil society actors that are working toward social and political reform in the Middle East and North Africa.

Funded by the US–Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), RAP II provides civil society organizations with financial and/or in-kind support, combined with targeted technical assistance, to strengthen CSO capacity in project management, advocacy, generating effective public discourse, gender auditing, and other areas.


The Regional Assistance Program II works with local, regional, and international organizations to respond rapidly (e.g., through subawards, direct training, and other technical assistance) to changing events on the ground in the Middle East and North Africa.

RAP II will support and provide technical assistance to organizations and projects with the following objectives:

  • Respond to emergent political developments including, but not limited to, snap local and national elections
  • Successfully complete an existing local or national political, legal, or social campaign that would benefit the society and strengthen the relationship between governmental and nongovernmental institutions

RAP II assistance may include a combination of financial support (e.g., subgrants) and technical assistance such as training, mentorship, or in-kind assistance from RAP II, its regional partners, or other IREX experts.


Quick Facts about RAP I

  • From 2014 to 2016, RAP I built the capacity of eight large civil society organizations that in turn built the capacity of more than 200 smaller organizations.
  •  RAP I trained more than 250 activists and community leaders in advocacy, critical thinking, media literacy and monitoring, election monitoring, and GBV literacy.
  • IREX trained the trainers and established new cadres of trainers, facilitators, and mentors in Kuwait and Algeria.

Project Activities under RAP I

  • Kuwait Critical Thinking Program, 2015–2016: In Kuwait, IREX partnered with en.v on a critical thinking program that promoted active citizenship and enhanced collaborative advocacy skills among youth. N-mu (I Grow), established a new cadre of Kuwaiti trainers and activists and launched integrating social and traditional media tools.
  • Strengthening the NADA Network—Network building, capacity building, and organizational development to strengthen children’s rights protection in Algeria, 2016–2017: In Algeria, RAP is building the capacity of a network of 48 NGOs and CBOs working in child rights protection across the country. IREX is assisting the Algerian Network for the Defense of Children’s Rights (NADA), in improving its effectiveness and efficiency and providing higher-quality services.
  • Women Municipal Leadership Program, 2017: In Tunisia, RAP built the campaign skills and communication capacity of women candidates from the rural areas of Kasserine and Tozeur. IREX partnered with the Association for the Development of Rural Women (ADFR) to train 44 participants on campaign strategy and tactics, communication, and conflict resolution. 22 of the 44 women trained under the ADFR subgrant intend to run in the municipal elections scheduled to take place in March 2018.