Mediji.Inovacije (Serbia Media Innovation Activity)

Mediji.Inovacije (Serbia Media Innovation Activity)


USAID’s Serbia Media Innovation Activity (Mediji.Inovacije) is a five-year initiative that is poised to capitalize on the momentum of Serbia’s digital evolution and a wave of innovation in Serbia’s independent media to strengthen the sector's financial sustainability. 

With an increased emphasis on economic sustainability and a pay-for-results approach, Mediji.Inovacije will work with the most dedicated and capable “early adopters” from various sectors, to catalyze their transformation into competitive and innovative businesses with savvy leadership and growth strategies, and position them for third-party investment.

Mediji.Inovacije partners are a wide array of actors from digital media, information, and communications sectors: entities that provide information, IT services, content analytics, audience measurement, or other services that can facilitate access to fair and relevant information, critical thinking, or digital literacy skills necessary to navigate and participate in the 21st century information landscape. 


Mediji.Inovacije will support the improvement of the managerial, technological, business, and financial skills of our partners and enable networking and partnerships that will:

  • Further develop their business strategies, products, and services  

  • Enable expansion in existing markets or enter new markets  

  • Make them more competitive for external financing 

  • Improve their ability to attract and employ financial resources  

  • Promote use of next generation networks and upcoming technology 

  • Introduce cutting-edge technological and cybersecurity solutions. 

Project Activities

  • Mentoring and programsAssisting and guiding partners toward profit-oriented goals through intensive mentoring and investment-style, targeted grant programs. To achieve this, partners must invest in increasing their knowledge and skills in all relevant, strategic sectors that can have positive effects on their business potential.
  • Developing solutionsIREX will leverage its long-standing relationships with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies and companies with an interest in ICT to promote and expand the adoption of advanced solutions. Doing so will inject new energy and investment opportunities into the independent media sphere. 


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