CREDIBLE partners launch youth media literacy programs

CREDIBLE partners launch youth media literacy programs

Christine Doherty


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In today’s world full of overwhelming amounts of information and news, it is crucial to uplift youth voices to build resilience to mis- and disinformation so that they can make evidence -based and informed decisions to achieve their life goals and engage in civic life. Through CREDIBLE, a USAID-funded project that strengthens information ecosystems and shifts norms around information engagement, IREX has created a network of partners in Latin America and the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic (Entrena ), Guatemala (Paz Joven), and Peru (CEDRO, Laboratoria), to energize local information spaces with youth perspectives. Throughout October 2022, CREDIBLE supported the launch events of these partners to ultimately promote positive social norms that encourage youth informed civic participation and engagement.

Partners kick off their programs with launch events

By incorporating IREX’s Learn to Discern (L2D) approach into tutoring hours at high schools in the Amazonian region of Peru, CEDRO is working to build resilience to misinformation in the formal education system. On October 26th, CEDRO launched an information fair, “Media Literacy”, where youth were able to access information on media literacy in a playful way through interactive games.

Laboratoria, also based in Peru, is adding L2D lessons to their online bootcamp for women entering the tech workforce, helping set their careers off with a critical eye towards content they engage with and create. Laboratoria launched with the virtual discussion, "Code Yellow", via Instagram. This virtual space promoted critical and responsible thinking of information published in the media.

Located In Guatemala, Paz Joven is a youth-led organization and seeks to leverage its existing network of volunteers and spokespersons to better enhance the resilience of communities in the Guatemalan highlands. Paz Joven launched on October 19th with an information fair: “Knowing Media and Information Literacy”. The launch created a space for learning and reflection on the main concepts of media and informational literacy and the risks of disinformation. The fair was divided into five informational stands, each with a facilitator executing an activity of the L2D curriculum in relation to Paz Joven's work, with a focus on safety and anti-cyber bullying.

Located in the Dominican Republic, ENTRENA is an organization working to empower vulnerable youth. They aim to leverage their training methodologies and existing networks of youth-driven social development to enhance the country’s response to disinformation. ENTRENA launched on October 27th with a panel event: “The Importance of Media and Informational Literacy.” In addition to the panel event, there were information stands, interactive games, and artistic presentations for the public to interact with.


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Launching into the future: results, impact, and significance in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

These launch events only mark the beginning of the influence they hope to achieve. They have not only engaged and informed local youth on the dangers of dis and mis information but have also established a culture of enthusiasm and motivation among youth and staff members to achieve their established goals.

The launch for me meant excitement for the good moments of laughter and fun, passion for the work we are doing, dedication to the project, and motivation for what will happen in a short time. I felt the teamwork, and the family we are reflected in, and our incredible potential was demonstrated.

- Gerson Daniel Baldemora, Member of the Dominican Republic SOL Team

Through these trustworthy local organizations, CREDIBLE will continue to work to build community resilience to manipulative narratives among youth in LAC.

It is important to support youth navigate the information ecosystem more safely to prepare them to make informed decisions for them, their families and their communities. CREDIBLE seeks to understand what works and what doesn’t in the promotion of social norms that can build the resilience they need to do so.

Laura Agosta, Chief of Party of CREDIBLE.


CREDIBLE VOCES de la Juventud is a five-year USAID-funded project that strengthen information ecosystems and shift norms around information engagement by building media and digital literacy by energizing local media and the broader information space with youth voices and perspectives. CREDIBLE is looking for additional partners. For more information on the program and partnership opportunities, visit: