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Syria Justice & Accountability Centre (SJAC)

The Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) is a Syrian-led and multilaterally-supported nonprofit that envisions a Syria where people live in a state defined by justice, respect for human rights, and rule of law. SJAC works to strengthen accountability and promote transitional justice and peace-building efforts through the collection, preservation, and analysis of documentation.

SJAC is headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, and its Board of Directors is composed of transitional justice and Syrian experts.  

IREX is SJAC's primary partner, providing organizational development and technical assistance to help build the institution. 


Build an independent, multilateral, and sustainable institution for accountability and justice for Syria.


The prolonged, brutal and complicated conflict in Syria left the international community wondering what it could do to make a difference for Syrians. Concerned about ongoing violence and mounting human rights violations, in April 2012 19 governments from around the world decided to focus on accountability and establishing an independent and multilateral organization that would work toward accountability and justice for all Syrians. From that point on, the Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) was an international priority and IREX was asked to take a lead in making the institution a reality.

Project Activities

• Assist with SJAC staffing
• Maintenance of SJAC website
• Management of SJAC partnerships and technical assistance provision
• Coordinate efforts and activities among primary partners, including technical experts, donor governments and those who wish to provide documentation


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