Ukraine Veteran Reintegration

Ukraine Veteran Reintegration

Photo courtesy of Alexey Furman 


IREX’s Veteran Reintegration Program fills critical gaps in data and information on veterans. It incorporates this data into tailored activities to improve the quality of and access to veteran services and promotes veteran integration into the workforce.

Consisting of research and activity phases, the Veteran Reintegration Program conducts a deep analysis into the knowledge, resources, and vulnerabilities affecting Ukraine’s Donbas veterans. Based on the research, this program is designed to develop several activities to improve on these aspects.


  • Ensure that Ukraine veteran support structures are more capable and responsive
  • Expand veteran employment and vocational training opportunities

Project Activities

  • Fill critical gaps in research and data: IREX works through a series of focus groups and a nationwide survey to assess veterans’ needs, available resources, and the current capabilities of communities and service providers. 
  • Expand employment opportunities: The program supports veteran employment and vocational training opportunities by providing training on employment skills, advocating for private- and public-sector employees to hire veterans, and facilitating the hiring of veterans.
  • Increase access to mental health services: IREX provides training for mental health professionals and volunteers who work with veterans and their families, supplying mobile support services for veterans and organizing campaigns to raise awareness of mental health support.
  • Support the Ministry of Veterans Affairs: The program supports the ministry’s development of a veteran e-registry, strengthens cooperation and information sharing between the ministry and NGO partners, and organizes campaigns to inform veterans about available resources.




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