Syria Justice & Accountability Centre (SJAC)

Syria Justice & Accountability Centre (SJAC)


The Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) strives to prevent impunity, promote redress, and facilitate principled reform.

SJAC works to ensure that human rights violations in Syria are comprehensively documented and preserved for use in transitional justice and peace-building. SJAC also supports documenters inside Syria, providing them with resources and technical guidance, and coordinates with other actors working toward similar aims: a Syria defined by justice, respect for human rights, and rule of law.

Quick Facts

  • SJAC emerged from a multilateral effort and the Group of Friends of the Syrian People.
  • The project continues to receive political and/or financial support from 36 nations.
  • SJAC also receives support from several organizations: the European Union, IREX, the League of Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights.


  • SJAC’s vision is a Syrian state defined by justice, respect for human rights, and rule of law, where citizens from all components of Syrian society live in peace without fear.
  • SJAC’s mission is to promote justice and accountability in Syria by ensuring that human rights violations are comprehensively documented, and that documentation data is securely preserved, catalogued, and analysed to advance transitional justice and peace-building.


Project Activities

  • Collection and preservation: To create a comprehensive and centralized repository, SJAC collects and preserves documentation of violations of international humanitarian, criminal, and human rights law by all parties in the Syrian conflict.
  • Analysis and cataloging: SJAC analyzes and catalogs each piece of documentation. Cataloged incidents can be retrieved, filtered, sorted, and aggregated—enabling analysis of facts and patterns and ensuring that documentation is usable for present and future accountability efforts.
  • Discourse on justice: To drive justice and accountability processes that respond to the needs and interests of Syrians, SJAC conducts research, creates resources, and participates in high-level meetings. SJAC illuminates Syrian perspectives abroad, while sharing international policy perspectives with Syrians on the ground.


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