Strengthening Content Connections

Strengthening Content Connections

Photo courtesy of the 24 Frontline TV series


The Strengthening Content Connections (SCC) is a 22-month project funded by the U.S. Embassy in Moldova and implemented by IREX.

The project fosters a growth-oriented, sustainable environment in the Moldovan TV content industry by supporting partnerships between broadcasters, production houses, independent content creators, and financiers to produce entertainment programming in Romanian language for local audiences.



  • Support a growth-oriented and sustainable environment in the Moldovan creative TV industry by diversifying the TV viewing experiences of Romanian-speaking Moldovan citizens through exposure to homegrown television content.
  • Stimulate the production of television programs in Moldova in response to local audiences' preferences for entertainment programming.
  • Build Moldovan creative TV industry resilience to various factors by assisting independent broadcasters and production houses through grants and needs-based technical assistance.

Project Activities

  • Strengthen broadcasters and content creators’ skills: The project works with professionals from production houses, national and regional broadcasters, and independent content creators to enhance their skills in production, script writing, video editing, marketing, and pitching. SCC enables partnerships between content creators and broadcasters to produce television programming in Romanian language. The project mentors production teams by providing necessary expertise via tailored transfer of knowledge and best practices.
  • Make data central to production and commercial partnerships: The project uses TV ratings and performance data on television programming to increase sponsorships and commercial partnerships that provide a long-term benefit to broadcasters, production houses, and independent content creators.


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