STEM Green Labs

STEM Green Labs


In partnership with the Madrasati Initiative in Jordan, STEM Green Labs will equip 20 teachers and 240 students at 10 public schools in Jordan with skills to design climate change solutions in their communities. Through multi-disciplinary STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Maths) and Problem Based Learning (PBL) skills, the project is building blocks and inspiration for future STEM careers. 

The program activities include a 10-week STEM and PBL course, expert and field visits, a climate change solution challenge, and a highly experiential Summer Camp culminating in an Expo showcasing their solutions.

As part of teacher professional development, STEM Green Labs will implement a virtual exchange between Jordanian and U.S. teachers so that they may share challenges and solutions in equipping students for higher education and careers in STEM, learn from each other, and develop professional connections.

Are you a U.S. Teacher? Apply to our Virtual Teacher Exchange

We are now accepting applications for U.S. teachers to be a part of our virtual teacher exchange. If you are a U.S. Teacher and IREX Program Alumni, apply by January 7, 2022.


  • To encourage and support Jordan public school students, girls and boys, to delve into STEM careers, and to equip students and teachers with multi-disciplinary STEM and Problem Based Learning skills.
  • To enhance teachers’ STEM and PBL skills using IREX’s Design Thinking curriculum, after tailoring it for schools in Jordan.
  • To increase student's agency in problem solving issues in their community and inspire future careers in STEM.
Sustainable solutions start with youth. Empowering youth to understand and address the climate crisis helps us unlock solutions to this global challenge. Alison Davis, U.S. Embassy Deputy Public Affairs Officer


  • Teacher Training: Selected teachers attend a training session where they will learn about the 10-week challenge modules and how to implement them. 
  • 10-Week STEM Challenge: During the program 240 students and 20 teachers will participate in a 10-week STEM course where they will ideate climate change solutions to issues they have identified in their community.
  • US-Jordan Teacher Exchange: IREX will plan and implement virtual exchanges for 20 Jordanian and 20 U.S. teachers, building professional connections.
  • Summer Camp: The winning team from each school will attend a Summer Camp, allowing the students to dig deeper into STEM and build on their initial climate change community solutions.
President and CEO Kristin Lord sits with participants at a table


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