Policy for Ukraine Local Self-Governance (PULSE)

Policy for Ukraine Local Self-Governance (PULSE)


The Policy for Ukraine Local Self-Governance (PULSE) program reinforces Ukraine’s efforts to implement a sound decentralization policy.

The program strengthens local governance, improves conditions for community development, and promotes stability. IREX supports this reform process by building sustainable engagement models for local governments, citizens, and media to promote accountability and local ownership of community resources.

Quick Facts

  • More than 5,500 participants have attended 312 community engagement events in libraries that the program supported in 60 communities throughout Ukraine.
  • 60 new Community Reform Groups have been established in 15 oblasts of Ukraine. The groups work with their elected officials on citizen-driven initiatives.
  • IREX has trained more than 340 press officers in how to effectively communicate with media outlets and how to create engaging informational posts about local decentralization efforts.


  • Facilitate local government input into the development and implementation of decentralization legislation and policies.
  • Increase local government financial resources and enable their effective and efficient management.
  • Empower local civil society and public institutions (such as libraries) to effectively inform and engage communities in the process of decentralization.
  • Engage local media in increasing visibility, highlighting successes, and fostering further conversations about the decentralization process.
I’m glad that there is an opportunity to ask questions I’m interested in. There are a lot of people in our village who know nothing about the advantages and disadvantages of decentralization. V.V. Yur, Teacher, Village of Liubyni (Lviv Oblast)

Project Activities

  • Communication training: IREX prepares librarians and civil society activists to act as hubs for reform information and community engagement events. Small grants enable libraries and local organizations to conduct information and engagement activities and continuously communicate progress and results to citizens.
  • Support for nongovernmental organizations: The program establishes and supports local community reform groups, representing a mix of leaders of organizations, advocacy groups, professional associations, media, and other key influencers. The groups act as informal local leadership groups and liaise with officials to improve their communities.
  • Local media engagement: IREX organized a network of libraries across Ukraine. The network engages with media and community reform groups to stimulate locally relevant coverage of decentralization reforms in each of Ukraine’s oblasts. By working together and mentoring local press clubs, the program is reaching new audiences and ensuring that local self-governance reform continues to attract public attention.