Mozambique Media Strengthening Program (MSP)

Mozambique Media Strengthening Program (MSP)


The Media Strengthening Program supports Mozambican professional and community journalists and their media platforms to provide high quality information to citizens and promote accountability and development.

The program promotes a free, open, diverse, and self-sustaining media sector. The five-year, $10.2 million project is funded by USAID.


  • Support Mozambique’s new and traditional media to produce high-quality content.
  • Create strong communities of journalists, editors, media managers, media lawyers, civil society leaders, and development organizations that work together to protect and strengthen freedom of expression.
  • Build sustainable, innovative media organizations.
  • Support improved journalism education to develop a cadre of future media professionals.
  • Support the role of media in meeting the country's development goals, including in health, education, governance, and economic expansion.


Project Activities

  • Strengthen the capacity of emerging and experienced journalists to produce quality content, with a special emphasis on investigative journalism.
  • Work with media businesses to build sound management practices for long-term financial viability and sustainability.
  • Provide technical assistance to 32 community radios in the northern part of the country in order to expand the reach and quality of information.
  • Support the development of a safe operating environment for media entities and professionals through advocacy, safety training, and legislative efforts.
  • Increase female participation in media and train journalists in reporting on gender-based violence and related subject areas.
  • Work with persons with disability to establish an online TV channel for the deaf.


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