Macedonia Media Leaders Program

Macedonia Media Leaders Program


The four-year Macedonia Media Leaders Program supported the professional development of Macedonian journalists and media professionals through tailored four-month fellowships with media-focused institutions in the U.S.

The program strengthened media in Macedonia by working with media professionals to foster leadership skills, develop media professionalism, and expand professional networks.

Quick Facts

  • As a result of the program, alumni of the program felt increased confidence and gained the leadership skills needed to implement new ideas in their industry.
  • Alumni reported that the program improved their ability to contribute to the independent media sector in Macedonia.
  • Alumni reported increased responsibility and promotions after returning from the program. An expanded network formed in the U.S., which helped conduct investigative reporting that might not otherwise have been possible.


  • Strengthen the media sector in Macedonia through the professional development of journalists and media professionals.
  • Strengthen participants’ media competencies, professionalism as journalists, leadership skills, and professional networks
This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I grew personally and professionally. I became more brave and decisive... and more knowledgeable about management and media. Igor Stojanov, a 2017 fellow

Project Activities

  • Fellowship with U.S. host institution: Program participants were carefully matched with a media outlet, nonprofit organization, or other media-focused institution for four months of hands-on experience in the United States. Fellows supported their host institutions in ways that matched their professional experiences and interests, including by supporting the investigative coverage of local news stories, coordinating social media efforts and outreach, producing multimedia content for online media platforms, and conducting media literacy programs for youth.
  • Media and leadership training: While working with their U.S. host organizations, fellows received media and leadership training through online and in-person sessions.
  • Networking opportunities: Fellows had the opportunity to network with media professionals and media outlets in the U.S.
  • Media pilot projects: Staff supported fellows in planning small-scale media projects to implement upon return to Macedonia.


  • Dara Lipton
    Deputy Director, Communities and Governance Practice; Project Director, Comunitatea Mea


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