Internet Freedom Festival

Internet Freedom Festival


The Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) is one of the largest, most diverse, and most inclusive unconferences in the internet freedom community. 

The IFF focuses on antisurveillance and anticensorship initiatives, creating a positive and inclusive space for hands-on, multidisciplinary collaboration between journalists, media organizations, on-the-ground activists, software developers, information security professionals, digital security trainers, designers, and many other internet freedom professionals.

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Quick Facts

  • In 2018, the IFF had over 1,700 registrations from 130 countries and hosted over 200 sessions. More than 50% of the attendees identified as women.
  • At the Internet Freedom Festival, we believe that the inclusion of new and missing voices is the foundation of a strong and open internet. To tackle the issues that make participation in the internet freedom community difficult for underrepresented groups, the IFF Diversity & Inclusion Fund allows these groups to not only take part in important conversations but also design programs and agendas to collectively address inequality and regional issues.
  • There are many different ways to get involved in the IFF: attending, hosting a session, becoming an IFF Fellow, volunteering, contributing to the IFF Diversity & Inclusion Fund, and becoming a partner or friend.
IFF Participant Countries 2018


  • Create an inclusive space and cultivate an atmosphere of trust for the internet freedom community to pool resources, share knowledge, and network.
  • Increase the diversity of the internet freedom community by engaging perspectives from a variety of underrepresented groups.
  • Collectively improve the services, strategies, and tools offered to the most vulnerable individuals on the front lines by mapping censorship, surveillance, and obstacles to access in different regions of the world.


“Projects and plans are developing and cross-pollinating everywhere at the IFF. For those of us who usually do our work at a computer screen, the in-person energy at the IFF was revitalizing.” Rebecca Jeschke, Media Relations Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (

Project Activities

  • Networking: The IFF provides a chance for diverse actors from different disciplines to work together under the same roof. This produces synergies and collaborative endeavors between organizations and individuals.
  • Mapping of global problems and solutions: At the IFF, individuals learn about censorship, surveillance, and obstacles to access in different regions of the world. They also collectively brainstorm solutions. 
  •  Tapping the power of collaboration and diversity: The IFF focuses on cross-pollinating information and knowledge among groups with the goal of improving the services, strategies, and tools offered to the most vulnerable individuals on the front lines. This happens through a hands-on, collaborative, in-person format. 
  • Accommodating dynamic opportunities through flexible formats: The festival divides its content into themes. Themes feature hackathons, workshops, security trainings, panel discussions, and social events. In addition, the festival also creates space for self-organized, spontaneous gatherings that allow diverse experts from around the world to share ideas. 
  • Facilitating community-led design, focused on diversity and inclusion: The festival’s organizers dedicate themselves to ensuring that the IFF receives session proposals from individuals who are not well represented in the internet freedom community. Each year, the IFF announces an open call for proposals. The IFF fellows review these proposals and select sessions based on criteria that include not only quality of information, but also the representation of diverse viewpoints. 
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