Global Solutions STEM Challenge

Global Solutions STEM Challenge


The Global Solutions STEM Challenge pairs students and teachers across classrooms in the United States to collaboratively design and test STEM solutions to local and global problems.

The program uses relevant STEM curriculum to inspire students, including  BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) as well as women and girls across both BIPoC and non-BIPoC communities. The Global Solutions STEM Challenge uses human-centered design components for students to both develop their innovation skills and experience in virtual collaboration and to increase their global competences and technical understanding of STEM. 

Fall 2021 Contest and Showcase of Prototypes

On December 16, 2021, IREX concluded the first cohort of the Global Solutions STEM Challenge with its Virtual Science Fair. To learn more about the participating teams and the prototypes they submitted to the Virtual Science Fair, click showcase.


  • Develop and improve secondary STEM teachers’ skills in supporting innovation and digital citizenship for their students.  

  • Strengthen secondary STEM teachers’ skills in innovation, investigation, problem solving and collaboration. 

  • Develop enduring connections between secondary schools in the U.S. based on classroom content and meaningful collaboration. 

  • Increase community excitement and investment in STEM education for youth, empowering them to pursue success in STEM fields. 


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