J-1 visa services for host organizations and individuals

J-1 visa services for host organizations and individuals

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IREX helps researchers obtain J-1 visas. We also work with Fortune 500 companies, major law firms, and other institutions to bring researchers to the US.

  • Law firms: We provide J-1 visa services for immigration attorneys who need to obtain visas for clients.
  • Companies: We procure J-1 visas on behalf of Human Resources departments and hiring managers so companies can bring overseas talent to the US.
  • Researchers: We also work directly with researchers to help them get J-1 visas. Before contacting IREX, researchers should first find a US organization that would like to serve as the host.

Interested? Contact us at jvisaexchange@irex.org or call 1-202-628-8188, extension 179.

We make the process easy

By managing critical immigration responsibilities for J-1 exchanges, IREX makes it easy for exchange visitors and their host organizations to focus on what matters: exchanging ideas to accelerate innovation.

We recognize that immigration is complicated, which is why IREX staff members are continuously available to advise exchange visitors and their host organizations.

IREX staff members are experts in J-1 regulations. We are experienced in guiding diverse clients through the process, and we manage all administrative reporting duties required for federal compliance.

IREX offers the following services:

  • Preapplication assessment of eligibility for the J-1 program
  • Streamlined application system with option for expedited processing
  • English-language fluency screening
  • Quick issuance of Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status)
  • Written agreements establishing exchange activities, terms, and funding arrangements
  • Management of all immigration reporting duties required by federal regulation
  • Prearrival resources to support the exchange visitor’s J visa application and transition to the US
  • Dedicated staff to respond to immigration questions and concerns of host organizations and exchange visitors (and their families)
  • Regular program monitoring and evaluation
  • 24-hour emergency support for exchange visitors
  • 45 years of experience helping host organizations develop customized exchange programs across diverse research disciplines

Contact Us to Get Started

To contact a member of the IREX visa sponsorship team or to schedule a Skype meeting, please send an e-mail to jvisaexchange@irex.org or call 1-202-628-8188, extension 179.