Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge: Virtual Fair

Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge: Virtual Fair

Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Global Citizens.

Fifteen binational teams, 30 faculty facilitators, and more than 315 students from the US and Jordan competed in Cohort I and Cohort II of the Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge. Their goal: Create the best business concept to unlock their community's potential through hospitality and tourism.  

All teams investigated the impact of global hospitality and tourism problems in their local communities, collaborated globally, and developed real-life solutions through the creation of sustainable business concepts.

The top team from each of the two cohorts will pitch its concept at the Global Solutions Summit
in Washington, DC, in spring 2019.

Global Solutions is funded by the Aspen Institute Stevens Initiative, a program supported by the US State Department and the Bezos Family Foundation. Learn more about Global Solutions »

Results from Cohort II

First Place (Tie): Agents of Change

Lord Fairfax Community College (Virginia, USA)
Facilitator: Melissa Stange
Director: Robert Wallace

Khawarizmi College (Amman, Jordan)
Facilitator: Sawsan Najjar
Director: Burhan Istetieh

Solution: Bottlebot
Review the
business plan (PDF, 1.1 MB)


First Place (Tie): Triple R

Kirkwood Community College (Iowa, USA)
Facilitator: Lori Merlak
Director: Matthew Morrow

Luminus Technical University College (Amman, Jordan)
Facilitator: Dareen Saleh
Director: Sarah Abed

Solution: Green Vacation Location
Review the
business plan (PDF, 246 KB)


Runner-Up: The Challenger Team

Florida Keyes Community College (Florida, USA)
Facilitator: Dr. Halle Cheeseman
Director: Cody Moore

Khawarizmi College (Amman, Jordan)
Facilitator: Ghadeer Al Anati
Director: Sobhi Habannakeh

Solution: Eco Room
Review the
business plan (PDF, 528 KB)


Results from Cohort I

First Place Winner: Team Rangers

Kirkwood Community College (Iowa, USA)
Facilitator: Sondra Gates
Director: Cassandra Pantel

Al Quds College (Amman, Jordan)
Facilitator: Mohammad Salameh
Director: Dina Khamash

Solution: Sustainable Water Solutions
Review the
business plan (PDF, 202 KB).


Runner-Up: Team United to Sustain

Kirkwood Community College (Iowa, USA)
Facilitator: Lori Merlak
Director: Brittany Trueblood

Al Quds College (Amman, Jordan) 
Facilitator: Dareen Saleh
Director: Tala Abed

Solution: Sustainable Compost Digestor
Review the
business plan (PDF, 700 KB).


Runner-Up: Team Sustainability Guardians

Florida Keys Community College (Florida, USA)
Facitator: Andreea Mihalcea
Director: Sanling Ran

Khawarizmi College (Amman, Jordan)
Facilitator: Rasha Al Jaber
Director: Ahmad Ababneh

Solution: Be Moral with Coral Event Campaign
Review the
business plan (PDF, 982 KB). 


Explore the Virtual Fair

Each competitor created innovative solutions as part of the Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge’s Virtual Fair. Explore the teams' submissions:

Participating schools included Al Balqa University, Al Quds College, Florida Keys Community College, Khawarizmi College, Kirkwood Community College, Lord Fairfax Community College, Montgomery Community College, Northampton Community College, and Northern Virginia Community College.