Alumni Of the Year Award 2020 Top 12 Winners Announcement

Alumni Of the Year Award 2020 Top 12 Winners Announcement

MEPI Alumni sit in audience and applaud

To show appreciation for alumni of the U.S.- the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) who strive to give back to their communities across the Middle East and North Africa, the MEPI Alumni Connection is pleased to present the shortlisted nominees for the MEPI Alumni of the Year Award. 

The award recognizes alumni for their leadership potential and dedication to community needs in their home countries to generate shared solutions to promote stability and prosperity in the region. Provided by the U.S. government and implemented by IREX.  

We are pleased to announce the official results for MEPI Alumni of the Year  Award  2020. Thank you to all the MEPI Alumni who took time and efforts to vote, campaign, and advocate for MEPI Alumni winners of the Year 2020.  

It was both exciting and inspirational seeing and witnessing the momentum created throughout the process.   

Perseverance, Persistence, and Determination were cherished throughout this journey to celebrate MEPI values showcased through the amazing work achieved by the shortlisted nominees for this year.  

All nominees proved to be equally deserving as they tackled different causes and diverse challenges in their communities from different angles and dimensions, be it environmental, social, corporate, or community-driven aspects.  

We are happy to introduce the 2020 MEPI Alumni of the Year cohort of winners: 

First Place                

Chafik Daoud, Leadership Development followship alumnus 2019  

Second Place           

Sirine Abd El Hay, Student Leaders Program Alumna 2015 

Third Place               

Wesam Khalifah, Leadership Development followship alumnus 2016 


Honorable Distinction (listed Alphabetically): 

  • Amal Ghawi – Student Leaders Program 2019  
  • Amani Ali Jouz’a - Leadership Development Fellowship 2019  
  • Bouchra Messaoudi - Student Leaders Program 2018  
  • El Mahdi Harmouch - Student Leaders Program 2017  
  • Manal Makkieh - Student Leaders Program 2019  
  • Nacira Amari - Leadership Development Fellowship 2016  
  • Nora Chaynane - Student Leaders Program 2019  
  • Renad Algorani - Student Leaders Program 2018  
  • Wajdi Hamza - Leadership Development Fellowship 2018 

We invite and encourage all MEPI Alumni to explore more about the winners' impact and achievements by checking this link!   

AOYA 2020 results in Arabic (PDF, 144 KB)