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Summer English Language Study Program

The Summer English Language Study (SELS) program provides opportunities for undergraduate students from selected universities in Iraq the opportunity to engage in intensive English language study at U.S. universities during the summers of 2012 and 2013. 


  • Strengthen connections between U.S. and Iraqi universities through short-term undergraduate student exchanges;
  • Improve students’ English skills and increase their chances for success in the job market or graduate education; and
  • Introduce Iraqi undergraduate students to U.S. culture and higher education opportunities.


Security concerns have severely limited opportunities for Iraqi students to interact with native English speakers. The capacity of Iraqi universities to adequately develop students’ capabilities in English language for employment or graduate study has been severely limited by years of conflict, preceded by decades of isolation. More broadly, Iraqi universities have been thwarted in their ability to contribute to social, political, and economic development. The SELS program provides an opportunity to build the English speaking capacity of students and contribute more generally to their skills for employment.

Project Activities

While participating in the program, Iraqi undergraduate students:

  • Study English intensively at a US university for 4-8 weeks;
  • Experience life in the United States; and
  • Learn about U.S. higher education and opportunities for graduate study.

SELS students

Application Materials

SELS Application Instructions

SELS Application Form

SELS Academic Reference Form

SELS English Language Reference Form