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Profiles of Community Solutions Leaders

Global community leaders participating in the Community Solutions Program bring years of experience to bear on community development in the U.S., while learning techniques to improve their development efforts in their home countries. Each leader is matched with a U.S. non-profit organization or government office based on their experience and professional goals.  Through these tailored fellowships, leaders gain hands-on experience in community development, participate in intensive leadership skills training, and create action plans for community-based initiatives back home.

Community Solutions Leaders focus on one of the following four areas: Tolerance and Conflict Resolution, Environmental Issues, Transparency and Accountability, and Women's Issues.

Tolerance and Conflict Resolution

Lamii Kpargoi
Voice of San Diego
Lamii Kpargoi is the Program Director at the Liberia Media Center, where he implements the Good Governance through Strengthened Media project to train  media institutions in human rights reporting. He also promotes conflict-sensitive reporting and trains community radio media practitioners across the country in conflict mapping and response. He hopes to start a conflict-sensitive reporting and rumor management program, as well as election monitoring training.

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Environmental Issues

Mostafa Hussein
Institute for Market Transformation
At the Academy for International Development in Egypt, Mostafa Hussein works to increase the community’s economic wellbeing while increasing energy efficiency. Hussein helped manage an initiative that brought a solar-run hot water system into the Al-Darb Al-Ahmar section of Cairo. He has also spearheaded a campaign to promote the use of bicycles in the city. Hussein hopes to adapt affordable alternative energy solutions and promote economic development through “green” employment initiatives.

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Transparency and Accountability

Mirgul Ermatova
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Mirgul Ermatova is a Project Manager at the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society, where she trains civil society organizations on monitoring public funding.  In 2010, she participated in the largest election monitoring project in Kyrgyzstan to date, which included a voter information campaign, an election fraud hotline, and close election monitoring at the polls. She hopes to continue her work in increasing civic involvement in local government.

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Women's Issues

Rehema Namarome
Access to Independence
Rehema Namarome advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities in Uganda, focusing on the rights of deaf women like herself. She is Executive Director and a founding member of the United Young Deaf Women Group (UYDWG), which educates young deaf women on their rights and gives them the skills to become economically independent. Namarome hopes to continue her activism in the deaf community by advocating for more government resources for deaf women and girls.

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