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2011-2012 Short-Term Travel Grant (STG) Fellows

2011-2012 Short-Term Travel Grant Fellows

IREX is pleased to announce the 2011-2012 Short-Term Travel Grant fellowship recipients. This year's fellows will be traveling to 12 countries across Eastern Europe and Eurasia to perform policy relevant field research. After they complete their fellowship, their research findings will be posted on the IREX online library.


Nailya Almagambetova

Northern Illinois University

Project Title: "Kazakhstan's Primary Health Care: Where do the Reforms Lead Us?"

Research Country: Kazakhstan






Olga Bever

The University of Arizona

Project Title: "Multilingualism and Language Policy in Post-Soviet Ukraine: English, Ukrainian and Russian in Linguistic Landscapes"

Research Country: Ukraine





Douglas Blum

Providence College

Project Title: "The Social Process of Cultural Globalization"

Research Country: Kazakhstan






Sarah Cameron

Yale University

Project Title: "The Hungry Steppe: Soviet Kazakhstan and the Kazakh Famine, 1921-1934"

Research Country: Kazakhstan






Monica Ciobanu

Plattsburgh State University of New York

Project Title: "Issues of Restitution in Post-Communist Romania"

Research Country: Romania






Matthew Ciscel

Central Connecticut University

Project Title: "Foreign Language Learning Attitudes and Practices in Moldova"

Research Country: Moldova






Cathy Frierson

University of New Hampshire

Project Title: "Is Russia's Rule of Law Expanding? A Case Study in Restorative Justice"

Research Country: Russia






Emily Greble

The City College of New York

Project Title: "Islam and the European Nation-State: Muslims between Mosque and State in Yugoslavia, 1908-1949"

Research Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina





Idil Izmirli

George Mason University

Project Title: "Competing Narratives of Islam in Post-Soviet Ukraine Against the Background of Global Islamic Movements"

Research Country: Ukraine






Azamat Junisbai

Pitzer College

Project Title: "Perceptions of Economic Inequality in Contemporary Central Asia"

Research Country: Kyrgyzstan






Asbed Kotchikian

Bentley University

Project Title: "Is the Party Over? Limits and Opportunities of Civil Society in Armenia and Georgia"

Research Countries: Armenia, Georgia






Carol Lilly

University of Nebraska Kearney

Project Title: "Nationalization of Cemeteries in Yugoslavia: 1945-1995"

Research Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia





Morgan Liu

Ohio State University

Project Title: "What's Next for Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan?"

Research Country: Kyrgyzstan





Martha Merrill

Kent State University

Project Title: "Higher Education in Osh - An Analysis of Current Conditions"

Research Country: Kyrgyzstan





Mariya Omelicheva

University of Kansas

Project Title: "Western and Central Asian Perspectives on Democracy and Democratization"

Research Countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan





Janet Powers

Gettysburg College

Project Title: "Women Rebuilding Social Capital in Rural Bosnia"

Research Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina






Scott Radnitz

University of Washington

Project Title: "National Narratives and Ethnic Relations in Georgia"

Research Country: Georgia






Nancy Rosenberger

Oregon State University

Project Title: "Women's Small-Scale Entrepreneurship in Food Processing: Tajikistan"

Research Country: Tajikistan





Raymond Rosenfeld

Eastern Michigan University

Project Title: "Applying a Civic Culture Framework to Local Policy Making"

Research Countries: Latvia, Ukraine