Seeking proposals for short-term housing for 280 YLAI Professional Fellows during 4-week professional placements across the United States.

Seeking proposals for short-term housing for 280 YLAI Professional Fellows during 4-week professional placements across the United States.

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Fellowship Program, requests information and preliminary proposals for short-term housing for 280 YLAI Professional Fellows during 4-week professional placements across the United States.

Cities for housing include:

Albuquerque, NM                                Detroit, MI                                      Portland, OR

Austin, TX                                                Huntsville, AL                               Raleigh, NC

Boston, MA                                             Kansas City, MO                           Salt Lake City, UT

Burlington, VT                                       Lincoln, NE                                    San Diego, CA

Charlotte, NC                                         Minneapolis, MN                         Seattle, WA

Chicago, IL                                              New York, NY                                Washington, DC

Denver, CO                                              Phoenix, AZ                           

The anticipated award will be a fixed unit price contract.

Eligibility Requirements:

Companies interested in providing this service must submit a proposal, including a breakdown of estimated costs per unit and additional fees, which demonstrates the company’s capacity to provide housing that meets the following specifications:

  • Short-term apartment, corporate housing, or long-term hotel units, for up to 280 Fellows, which can be:
    • Individual studio or efficiency units
    • 2+ bedroom apartments (to house multiple Fellows of the same gender, each with their own bedroom) with other shared space, such as a bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Multi-bedroom units must also meet the following criteria:
      • Each bedroom must be of similar size and contain commensurate furniture and clothing storage options, including a closet and/or wardrobe.
      • Each bedroom must contain at least a full/double size bed (single/twin beds are not acceptable).
  • If a multi-unit apartment has only one bathroom, it must be accessible via common living spaces, not only via the master bedroom.
  • If a vendor’s multi-bedroom units do not meet these criteria, the proposal should include an explanation and proposed solution to bring the unit(s) up to meet these specifications.
  • Fully furnished (e.g. bed, dresser, table, couch, chairs, etc.)
  • Kitchen facilities with appliances, cookware, utensils, and dinnerware
  • Linens included (e.g. sheets, comforter, towels, etc.)
  • Laundry facilities in unit or on-site
  • Building(s) close to downtown or main business area and within walking distance of and/or short distance via reliable public transportation grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, and other community amenities. Preference given to locations with higher Walk Scores (in the 70-100 range per
  • Building(s) centrally located within walking distance of and/or provides shuttle to reliable public transportation (please specify if public transportation is bus, metro, light rail, etc. – Fellows will not have cars while in the U.S.)
  • Building(s) located in a safe neighborhood with a low-crime rate
  • Building(s) well maintained with designated maintenance staff
  • All utilities and fees included in price, including water, gas, electric, heat and air conditioning, and internet (wired or Wi-Fi), and basic television service
  • All estimated state and local taxes included in proposal, including notes on possible tax refunds or waivers based on IREX’s 501(c)3 status (certificate provided upon request) and/or local laws on occupancy duration

Proposals should also include a vendor’s capacity to provide ADA-compliant or similar units that meet the following specifications for Fellows with disabilities (specific accommodations required to be provided by individual programs at a later date):

  • Wheelchair and/or scooter accessible
  • Suitable for residents with a variety of mobility issues, such as grab bars, handicap accessible shower, lowered countertops and cabinets, etc.
  • Suitable for residents who are deaf or hard of hearing, such as lighted doorbells and alarms, systems for communicating with building staff, etc.
  • Suitable for residents who are blind or have reduced sight

The exact number of Fellows that will be placed in each city has not yet been determined, but each city will house approximately 10 – 15 Fellows. Vendors should indicate if they have the capacity to provide housing units in any or all of these cities, and proposals can include any number of these proposed metropolitan areas and properties. Preference will be given to vendors who can provide housing in multiple locations and competitive prices. In the case that new metropolitan areas are added at a later date, the winner(s) of the contract(s) will be given preference for those new contract(s).

While not required, vendors who are able to do the following are preferred:

  • Provide a master lease
  • Waive normal minimum lease requirements (i.e. no 2-month minimums)
  • Allow lease cancellations for small fees and/or the option to switch leases between buildings
  • Accept ACH payments
  • Provide itemized monthly invoices and bulk payments for all units being rented
  • Waive move-out notice requirements and associated fees (move out dates will be pre-established in contract)

Additionally, vendors should demonstrate their capacity to provide a high level of customer service and personalized attention to the Fellows. Such features may include but are not limited to detailed instructions from the airport to the housing location, move-in/move-out instructions, dedicated vendor staff for each location, welcome packages, and other personal touches. It is preferred if there are established modes for Fellows to communicate directly with the building or vendor staff regarding maintenance or other housing issues.


Proposal Due Date: October 28, 2021

Anticipated Award Date: November 18, 2021

Anticipated Award Ceiling: Up to $807,000 for 280 Fellows

How to Submit a Proposal:

Proposals should include the following details, preferably in the form of a spreadsheet:

  • Specific locations and buildings under consideration, including the exact street address.
  • Total number of Fellows who can typically be housed at each location.
  • Daily/weekly price estimates, both per unit and per Fellow, if units listed are multi-bedroom units. Price estimates should also be broken down to show component costs, such as base rent, utilities, and/or other fees as well as expected taxes. If price estimates fluctuate depending on the season, please provide year-round price estimates.

Proposals must be accompanied by photos and/or floor plans of the property(ies) proposed that show building features, representative units, and the surrounding area; description of building and community amenities in the vicinity or short distance via public transit, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and libraries. If this information is provided via hyperlinks, those links should not expire. Proposals may also include a list of 2-3 similar projects, with contact information for the clients.

IREX reserves the right not to accept proposed properties if they do not meet the necessary requirements for Fellows.

If you are interested in furnishing this service, please email a proposal to Paulina Corrales at Proposals must be received no later than 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on the closing date indicated above. Questions may also be directed to Paulina Corrales in advance of the proposal submission deadline. All proposals submitted must be valid for a period of not less than sixty (60) calendar days from the proposal due date indicated above.



Paulina Corrales, Program Officer