Seeking proposals to produce media literacy campaigns and trainings

Seeking proposals to produce media literacy campaigns and trainings

The Media Literacy in the Baltics program is seeking a media organization based in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania to produce two media literacy campaigns and organize trainings. 


A recent RAND-led randomized control trial showed short videos and memes with media literacy messaging are effective in reducing engagement with disinformation among partisan audiences in the US. Media Literacy in the Baltics can extrapolate that those who engage with information on a very emotional level benefit from pre-bunking, and that a similar approach could work for audiences in the Baltics. IREX will work with youth-led media organizations to craft tailored campaigns including “manipulation awareness” videos and games and would promote them on social media channels popular among youth where disinformation is often prevalent.

Selected organizations will produce at least two media literacy campaigns. Campaigns should be tested (for example, gathering feedback from the target audience on a sample material) and then rolled out over approximately 3-6 weeks, reaching at least 2,000 people per campaign. Examples of eligible initiatives (other project ideas are also acceptable):  

  • Articles, podcasts, or blogs  
  • Videos
  • Social media campaigns  
  • Fact checking/verification tips and resources
  • Digital media literacy games or quizzes
  • Mini online courses
  • Development of books or board games

In addition, grantees will support the rollout of “Very Verified,” IREX’s online course on media literacy, by organizing blended learning trainings for at least 50 students. The blended learning approach combines participants’ independent course engagement with trainer-facilitated sessions (in person if health conditions allow, otherwise online).  

IREX will provide a training structure and teaching materials for the blended learning sessions. Grantees will also attend a Training of Trainers (ToT) session led by IREX prior to the course launch. Grantees will be responsible for recruiting training participants, arranging in-person training spaces (or online adaptations, if needed), running full blended learning trainings (approximately 5-6 hours, spread over two days as needed), and administering pre- and post-training monitoring and evaluation surveys (provided by IREX). The Very Verified course, all blended learning training materials, and training surveys will be available to grantees in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, and English.

Eligibility requirements

The applicant/application must meet the following requirements:

  • Be officially registered and working in compliance with all applicable civil and fiscal regulations, including, but not limited to pertinent local laws and status.
  • Be officially registered as a legal entity and working in compliance with all applicable local laws. An applicant can show proof of effort to secure registration.
  • Meet the projects objectives and principles
  • Contain expected outcomes and results consistent with and linked to the projects objectives
  • Applicant is not a debarred organization, 2 CFR§200.214 Suspension and debarment


Required documents due March 25, 2022. Program dates may fluctuate based upon the project’s timeline. The program reserves the right to alter an applicant’s timeline.

How to submit an application 

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If you have questions about the grant opportunity or application submission, please contact IREX staff directly at