RFP for Travel Partnership

RFP for Travel Partnership

We are seeking a Travel Management Company to facilitate and manage IREX’s global travel itinerary.


The travel agency selected will support individual, high volume bulk travel, and third-party bookings (international and domestic); 24/7 global employee support; supplier negotiations; and synchronize to IREX’s use and implementation of the online travel booking tool and expense report system (Concur). The selected vendor will also be expected to maintain a high level of client satisfaction while helping to reduce IREX’s annual travel program costs.

Who is eligible to apply

Travel Management Companies


Proposals are due Tuesday, May 31, 2022 – 5:00 pm EST. 

How to apply

Extended terms of RfP for Travel Services (PDF, 320 KB).

Submit proposals to kjonesmoore@irex.org with the subject line "Travel Agency RFP”. 

Q & A

  • Is the $5,465,600.76 that was provided, just your airline spend?  Are you able to provide your pre-covid hotel and car rental spend?
    • The amount aforementioned is just for airline bookings. The hotel and transportation are separate. Currently, we do not have that information to provide.
  • Is the following RFP question asking about meetings and events or is this question asking if we can help prevent having too many travelers from your company on the same plane? - "Based on IREX number of large bookings made on behalf of program participants, please advise how you would configure operations to identify large groups of bookings with IREX staff on behalf of the travelers."
    • How would you adjust your operations to address the planning around large group travel. i.e. what would you do differently from your normal course of business to prepare for the high volume, respond to changes, and work with the IREX staff to make the travel experience a smooth one for the travelers.
  • Are you currently utilizing an online booking tool with your current TMC or are all bookings handled through an agent? If so, can you advise your online adoption rate?
    • Our plan is for all travel to go through Concur.
    • We plan for our new TMC to handle the transition.
    • All internal travel intent is to go through Concur. We have an agreement but have not been using.
  • Can you advise what percentage of your travel is international vs domestic?
    • International travel - 95%
    • Domestic travel - 5% (within US)
    • Other travel is conducted domestically in 19 countries and are typically handled by local carriers and local travel agents. 
  • Do you have any language requirements or are all bookers English speaking?
    • There is no language requirement. However, many participants are Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian speaking.
    • Multilingual agents are a plus.
  • Can you confirm you will be holding the SAP Concur Travel direct agreement and not utilizing a TMC reseller agreement?
    • IREX will hold the SAP Concur Travel direct agreement.
  • Approximately how many of your 6,769 transactions had hotels attached to them?
    • None of the 6,769 transactions included in the RFP have hotels attached to them.
  • Can you clarify your existing set up and if you are requiring a dedicated exclusive agent? 
    • We require one dedicated agent.
    • The TMC must have the ability to handle surge demands and assign supplemental agents as needed.
  • Can you clarify your exact expectation for your agency set up?
    • Virtual agents are sufficient with the understanding that the agents are accessible to all travelers for general bookings and inquiries. An emergency response line should be available for travelers who require amendments or have cancellation issues.
    • The TMC should advise on the appropriate number of agents to support the above requests.


*Modifications as of May 26, 2022