RFP for developing a government web platform and e-registry for veterans in Ukraine

RFP for developing a government web platform and e-registry for veterans in Ukraine

The U.S. Department of State–funded Veteran Reintegration Program is seeking a qualified vendor or vendors to build an e-veteran web platform and an e-veteran registry to support the Ministry of Veteran Affairs in Ukraine.


The goal is to create a single point of access to the services, benefits, and opportunities available to veterans in Ukraine. 

  • Ukrainian veterans and their families need to know what government services are available to them and how they can access those services. 
  • The Ukrainian Ministry of Veteran Affairs needs to bring together records about veterans onto a single platform so the ministry can optimize and improve its service delivery to veterans.

Who is eligible to apply

The contractor must: 

  • Have an office in Ukraine and have the ability to attend in-person and virtual meetings in Kyiv
  • Be a well-established business/for profit/nonprofit with well-documented corporate capabilities in web-based application development for internet connected devices and have a proven track record of success in order to be considered to be a qualified bidder for this RFP

The list below is a desired list of skills and qualifications for the team as a whole; different people in the team can bring different skills and qualifications. 

  • Over 5 years of experience developing professional-quality software, including customer-facing web apps, with a strong reputation for developing excellent collaborating working relationships with counterparts, other contractors and international organizations and donors
  • Proficiency with front-end web application development (including HTML, CSS, Javascript), with sufficient full-stack knowledge to develop, manage, and/or maintain servers, databases, and other technologies needed for the project 
  • Proficiency with security standards and best practices to ensure the web server, and the data submitted by its users, are safely, responsibly, and securely managed
  • Familiarity with existing open-source frameworks 
  • Experience packaging and publishing open-source code, including high quality documentation
  • Familiarity with user-centered design methodologies to engage with stakeholders around a technology platform to ensure relevance and sustainability 
  • Sufficient administrative capacity to comply with reporting, auditing, and financial requirements 
  • Ability to communicate professionally and provide written reporting in English, as well as fluency in speaking, reading, writing, and working in Ukrainian 
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, curiosity, and critical thinking skills 
  • Strong understanding of legal requirements for the development and transfer of product to the government in Ukraine 
  • Previous experience in the development of e-services and/or state registries for governmental institutions strongly preferred 

How to apply

Download the RFP (PDF, 1 MB)

Download questions and answers about the RFP (PDF, 586 KB)

Submit your application by 18:00 (Kyiv time), Tuesday, July 7, 2020, via e-mail to tender-ua@irex.org with the subject line “Knowledge Base and Registry Application.” You must use subject line “Knowledge Base and Registry Application” to be considered.