Opportunities for institutions to host international undergraduate students

Opportunities for institutions to host international undergraduate students

Opportunities for institutions to host international undergraduate students


IREX seeks accredited institutions of higher education in the United States to host undergraduate students for various international exchange programs in 2017–2018.

Programs include:

The US Academic Host Institution Application can be completed online. Completed applications must be submitted by 11:59p.m. EST on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

International students bring a wealth of ideas, knowledge, and experiences to host institutions. In addition to impacting institutions with diverse perspectives, these students foster mutual understanding and respect, cultural exchange, and help educate the institution’s community at large.

How to Apply

Please read all instructions and information carefully before filling out the entire online application form. We recommend that you print a final copy of all pages of the online host application and attachments for your records and reference. We also suggest writing your answers in a Word document and copying them into the application in case of any technical issues you may encounter.

To apply to host for any of the programs, please submit all application material through the online application system.

Selection of host institutions and placement of students is contingent upon the availability of US government funding and approval and receipt of J-1 visas by program participants.


    Expectations of Host Institutions

    The US academic host institutions are critical partners for the programs. Host institutions will be selected based on:

    • Demonstrated ability to provide a well-rounded program experience (with strong academic and cultural components);
    • Ability to provide personalized care;
    • Experience and ability to work with students from the targeted regions;
    • Ability to engage students in the local community; and
    • The proposed cost-share and per student cost.

    Host institutions will be responsible for providing each student with academic support, cultural and community support, and logistical support. Responsibilities are explained in more detail in the Host Institution Application Program Overview.

    More information about the programs

    All programs provide the following support to students:

    • J-1 visa support
    • Round-trip travel from student’s home city to host institution in the US
    • Accident and sickness coverage
    • Tuition and mandatory university fees
    • Room and board (housing and meals)
    • A small allowance for incidentals
    • A limited allowance for books
    • A limited allowance for cultural enrichment activities
    • Alumni networking opportunities

    Application Materials


    Please direct all questions to IREX via email at ugradhosts@irex.org or phone at 202-628-8188.