Yasmeen Masoud

Yasmeen Masoud

Program Officer
Middle East & North Africa, Jordan, Yemen, West Bank/Gaza, Civil Society, Gender Equality & Inclusion, Governance, Media, Youth

Yasmeen Masoud is a program officer for IREX’s Learn to Discern programs in Jordan.

The Youmakken and Families in the Digital Age (FADA) programs aim to build the critical thinking, digital citizenship, and critical information engagement skills of Jordanian and Syrian youth (Youmakken) and mothers and girls (FADA), and empower them as leaders through media initiatives.

Yasmeen contributes to the design, implementation, and evaluation of these programs and provides continuous support to participants. Yasmeen is a gender focal point at IREX, where she ensures that gender equality and social inclusion are taken into consideration in all project aspects and at all levels.

Yasmeen received her MBA with honors from the University of Baltimore, Maryland, and her bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Jordan.