Oleksandr Shlieienkov

Oleksandr Shlieienkov

IT, Tech, and Innovations Manager
Europe & Eurasia, Georgia, Philippines, Serbia, Ukraine, Education, Governance, Leadership, Media, Technology

Oleksandr Shlieienkov is an IT, tech, and innovations manager at America House Kyiv. Since America House’s opening in May 2015, his direct responsibilities have been to maintain all tech equipment and tech programming, support the makerspace, provide IT-related trainings, research innovative technology and tools, and provide seamless tech support for all America House events.

Under Oleksandr’s supervision America House Kyiv successfully ran such projects as TechLab, Youth Leaders Program, and Simultaneous Translation Tech Assist Program. Oleksandr continuously pushes innovations into America House’s tech setup in programming spaces, and coaches and mentors the assistants he supervises.

Oleksandr Shlieienkov also helps with other IREX projects as a trainer. He leads many trainings for media literacy in Ukraine and Serbia. He also leads a training at Ukraine’s American Spaces annual meeting.

Oleksandr is a technology trainer and an educator with more than 15 years of experience working on U.S. government and private foundation–funded programs that aim to provide open access to information through the use of technology. Previously working as a consultant for the IREX-led Beyond Access Initiative, Oleksandr has conducted numerous technology camps and networking trainings as an IT consultant and has successfully led training-of-trainer workshops in Ukraine and Georgia.

In his previous work on IREX’s Bibliomist program, he led technical training of librarians, provided tech support throughout Ukraine, and contributed his creative vision of integrating technology into library work to enable citizen engagement. He also has extensive knowledge of web design, content management, webinar creation, and mass media. He is a member of the Technology Group of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.