Mihajlo Lahtov

Mihajlo Lahtov

Project Director
Europe & Eurasia, North Macedonia, Media

Mihajlo Lahtov is the project director for the USAID Media Literacy Project YouThink, implemented in North Macedonia by IREX and three local partners.

Mihajlo is an experienced media literacy trainer, project manager, and communications specialist with a proven track record in multiple settings. He brings over two decades of experience in research and working in media and journalism, specializing in civic engagement and participation, communications, and media literacy.

Mihajlo has worked with varied teams across diverse organizations, from small, local CSOs to big international organizations. During his 20-year tenure across the German Development Agency, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and Macedonian Institute for Media, Mihajlo led training sessions on media literacy and organized roundtables and conferences with journalists, officials, communities, and youth.

For the last 13 years, Mihajlo has also worked as a trainer and educator, teaching media literacy and communications. He brings a team-player mentality to his projects, loves multicultural and international environments, and is highly motivated to ensure impact and team-wide success.

Mihajlo is an author of two media literacy publications: Media Literacy for Youth, Media, and Civil Society, published by the Institute for Communication Studies, and Why Media Literacy Matters, published by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Mihajlo holds a master’s degree in human rights and democracy from the University of Sarajevo and University of Bologna.