Liubov Kvasiuk

Liubov Kvasiuk

Program Manager
Europe & Eurasia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Civil Society, Education, Governance, Media, Technology

Liubov Kvasiuk is a program manager for IREX’s Learn to Discern in Education (L2D-Ed) and PULSE programs in Ukraine.

She joined IREX in October 2010. Within the L2D-Ed project, Liubov is responsible for the development and implementation of a teacher training system. The goal is to equip all Ukrainian educators with the awareness, knowledge, skills, and resources that lead to critical information consumption and pedagogical strategies to foster critical information consumption skills in students across a variety of disciplines.

As a PULSE program manager, Liubov is responsible for leadership in the planning and management of the implementation of all PULSE activities and capacity building trainings to facilitate citizen engagement and linkages with media organizations within supporting decentralization reform in the country.

Formerly, Liubov was the regional representative for the Bibliomist Program. She also worked as a trainer in various IREX projects.

Prior to joining IREX, from 2008 to 2013, she worked at the Training and Methodological Resource Center for Social Services as a trainer and consultant within a project of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) in Ukraine.

In 2009, Liubov worked as a trainer in the State Register of Voters and provided advisory services on organizing and managing voter lists in accordance with "The State Voter Register" for the OSCE Project coordinator in Ukraine.

From 2003 to 2007, she worked as an IT manager in Khmelnytskyi oblast for the Facilitating Reform of Social Services in Ukraine (FRSSU) project, with support from the UK Department for International Development and the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund project of the World Bank.

Liubov holds a master’s degree in economics and computer technology from the Khmelnytskyi Technological University Podolia.