Gabriel Wer Arrivillaga

Gabriel Wer Arrivillaga

Senior Facilitator
Americas, Europe & Eurasia, Civil Society, Governance, Leadership, Media, Youth

Gabriel Wer Arrivillaga is a senior facilitator for the Proyecto Acción Transformadora in Guatemala.

He is responsible for implementing the Foundational Political Training for Potential Leaders in Guatemala City to enable youth to build their leadership skills and engage in local political networks.

Before joining IREX, he was the Innovation and Development Director for Socialab Guatemala, responsible for designing and implementing training activities, innovation challenges, events and other consultancy projects, working mainly with young people. He has lived and worked in Spain, Germany and the UK, focusing in project management, organizational development and social entrepreneurship. He has been involved in different citizen and collective participation initiatives in Guatemala City since 2015, leading the #RenunciaYa protests that started the anti-corruption movement in the country. He is also a columnist for Plaza Pública in Guatemala.

He holds a BA in business administration from Universidad Galileo in Guatemala. He is also a Technology of Participation certified trainer and holds a certificate in Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


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